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with information to call them. >>> drug use is on the rise at one south bay city park. in gilroy police are trying to crack down to it because of the close proximity to a school. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us from miller park to tell us what she's observed there. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. all morning we've seen a group of men loitering here. we've seen cars pull up, talk to some of them. others go in and out of the bathroom. it looks suspicious and some parents wanted to stop. as dawn started to break this morning, we started to see homeless men appear in homeless park. one spoke to us admitting his friends come near to smoke marijuana and use methamphetamine. >> you will see groups all around. you know bad things are going on over there. i don't even bring my kids over there and i live right across the street. >> reporter: this woman says a transient tried to come inside her home and she had to call police. the park is located across from a middle school. police have been receiving complaints in the neighborhood about drug and alcohol could be sumtion -- consu
. [applause] >>> you will hear debate that took place this morning as a local city considers banning certain ammo. why some local school students are escorted by police this morning. >>> a legal move today as the prop eight case heads to the supreme court ahead at noon. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> the debate over gun safety leads to a bay area debate over certain ammo and a ruling was made moments ago. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. the debate over guns and ammo is heating up in san francisco. new at noon sal castaneda joins us live with the new proposals that could be the target of lawsuits. we understand a vote has just been taken. >> reporter: that's right, tori,es a expected the committee did move that vote out of committee and if approved and it is approved by the full board of supervisors, if it is approved it would change the way ammo is bought and sold in san francisco. the mayor and the police chief and supervisor are pushing legislation to ban the sale of certain types of ammo and keep track of anyone who buys more
at those places tonight. >>> three peninsula cities plan to hold a gun buy-back tomorrow in east palo alto, menlo park and palo alto will join them for the gun buy-back from 10:00 until 2:00 there. authorities will pay between 1 and 300 dollars depending on the type of gun. >>> a conference is underway right now in frap frap focusing on how to keep young adults from becoming repeat offenders. the meeting involves police, prosecutors, public defenders and probation officials and also trying to come up with ways to prevent violence among those in what they call the transitional age group. >> currently it was 20% of our homicide rates 18 to 25 so we want to bring to light in san francisco there needs to be a focus- >> the organizes say one of the most important things to figure out is how to make sure young adults have jack sees to the public services that would keep them from committing crimes repeatedly. >>> the infamous chili finger leady from san jose is back in jail, accused of making up a new story about a different body part. anna ayala went to prison for planting a severed finger in a
in santa cruz with the city's mayor, the city's police chief and the county sheriff. talking about yesterday's fatal shooting of two police officers as well as the death of the suspected gunman. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live from the newsroom with a summary of some of the new information that we've learned in the press conference. >> right. of course, this was an emotional news conference hearing from the police chief today. moments ago, we're hearing these new details from the sheriff of santa cruz county and some of them are just chilling about what happened yesterday when these two detectives, police detectives, went to check out what the sheriff described as a misdemeanor case of sexual assault, a situation the sheriff said they did not expect that it would be in any significant danger. of course, that comment is made with the caveat that officers working the street understand that at all times there's a chance that their lives are in danger. but in this particular case, the sheriff suggested that they weren't especially worried about going out to check out this man, 35-year-ol
was found here. nobody would feel safe if it happened in their town or city. >> reporter: fairfield police are canvassing the streets looking for answers in the death of a 13-year-old girl. i am torii campbell, the city of fairfield is mourning the death of a 13-year-old girl killed three days ago and they went to the school where she was a student. it must be a tough day there. >> reporter: it is a tough day here and as you can see this is the growing memorial of flowers and teddy bears and candles for this 13-year-old girl and it has shaken the community no question. they are pretty silent in terms of any information on this death being released but the latest is coming up and fairfield police will layout any possible leads in this case. the 13-year-old student lived with her foster parents a few miles away. investigators were on hand acting as a liaison looking for any further information. >> we are confident what happened had nothing to do with the school or any school related activities. parents have to know where their kids are at all times and hold their kids close and make sure the
resort city. >>> why california's attorney general is suing standard & poor's. >>> and the 49ers' coach jim harbaugh gives his final press conference of the season. >>> the forecast -- at noon. >>> gonna take a lot of hard work. do more and make sure we win. >> cleaning out their lockers and closing out the season. the 49ers talk about the future in their final press conference. good afternoon, i'm tori campbell. the san francisco 49ers' season is finally over. they came close but it didn't quite have the ending they had opened. ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live from the headquarters where the team gathered one final time. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. today was the last day as the santa clara training facility. the players flew back from new orleans last night and they arrived here to clean out their lockers. they cleaned out the lockers and said goodbye, joked around with the press, suitcases wering ad. for some this could have been the last time they had a shot of winning it all. some even thanked the fans. >> it's gone take a lot of hard work like it did t
winds. schools are closed. transportation systems are shut down. and city and state officials are urging people to go home and stay home. >> this is the started of a major storm. stay off the roads, stay home. let the public works crews do their job. >> gas and many other essentials are already in short supply. forecasters say the storm will continue at least until tomorrow morning. >>> the storm has already prompted the cancellation of thousands of flights and even flights not heading to the northeast could be impacted if your plane was supposed to be coming in from an airport in the snowy area. brian flores joins us from sfo where the situation there right now looks nice and sunny there, brian. >> reporter: yeah, nice and sunny here but definitely not on the east coast but no question passengers here wanting to get home to the east coast it is making them anxious. i just got done speaking with him. he told me 60 flights have been cancelled, 40 departing and 20 arriving here. the main cities include boss to, boston, new york, newark and philadelphia. that is supposed to do that but is
drivers don't always stop for pedestrians. she hopes the city will put in stop signs here. >> it's not well set up and it's not safe for anybody. >> reporter: and i talked briefly this morning with a spokesperson from the city of concord. she told me she didn't have any information about plans for safety improvement measures at that interparticular intersection. in the meantime, this boy's mom is praying he can make a full recovery and also hoping the driver who hit her son will be charged. a lieutenant with the concord police department would only tell me this morning that she expects this investigation will take some time. live this afternoon in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ail lengt -- alex. >>> a 30-year-old man is in the hospital after being shot by richmond police. it happened around 5:00 yesterday afternoon on nevin and b street. neighbors reported seeing an armed man walking in the street. when officers arrived, they found the armed man and shot him. it's still unclear if the suspect shot at the officers. the officers involved have been as th
. lan blower vac >>> not only is it raining again. it's cold. this is how it looked in the city of alameda this morning. the change in the bay area weather is the top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. >>> we begin with a storm that's bringing wet, cold weather a all over the bay area -- weather all over the bay area. we have team coverage. steve paulson has the details how long the chilly weather will last. we begin with tara moriarty live in walnut creek. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. the rain has just let up. but it's been sporadic downpours and the cold snap and wet weather is really met with mixed reaction. the wintry blast comes in the wake of a sunny stretch where we saw temperatures in the 70s over the weekend but this morning a cold weather system swept in from alaska, delivering a one-two-punch of rain. the national weather service says there's also a chance of thunderstorms and hail. one woman we spoke to said she had to keep morning to stay warm. are you annoyed by it or do you think it's about time? >> it sucks because i don't have a car.
of violence on the city streets of san jose. >> police say he's in custody on attempted murder charges. >>> two women are recovering after a bizarre and violent home-invasion ra robbery in san jose this -- robbery in san jose this morning. the two women were in their home on mahoney drive when they heard someone breaking into their car just before 2:00 a.m. when they yelled for the suspect to stop, police say he chased them into the house and punched one of them. a male suspect chased after him. the suspects went back to the home and allegedly stole multiple items. so far police have not made any arrests. >>> the vicious flu season has claimed two more victims in the bay area. new at noon, janine de la vega joins us from sunshine with what we know about these latest death -- from san jose with what we know about these latest deaths. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. a news conference will be held here to tell us more about the two men who died from the flu. we have limited information. we know both men were homeless and under the age of 65. we don't know if they were vaccina
concerns. >>> new at noon -- valentine's day has turned into a day of protest at city hall. claudine wong is live to let us know what's happening there right now. >> reporter: we have an interesting situation here at city hall. we're in the rotunda, valentine's day, a very popular day to get married. we've seen a lot of couples get married here. people can go ahead and give their vows and walk off as a married couple. i want to walk you over here to the south light court. right next to the rotunda is a press conference that's underway right now. inside this room are a lot of couples as well. but these couples are not allowed to get married because they legally can't because they are same-sex couples who are hoping to be married and hoping the laws change soon. we could be looking at big changes soon because the supreme court next month will be looking at this issue. the highest court will be considering the constitutionality at the defensive marriage act and prop 8. a decision in that case could have far-reaching implications for the country. now, we did talk to one couple in here who hav
due to the death of a cal poly student in orinda. >>> a bombshell announcement out of vatican city as the pope makes a move unseen in 600 years. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell pope benedict xvi sent shock waves around the globe this morning. he announced he's going to resign at the end of the month, right in the middle of the holy see son the lent. ktvu's alex savidge -- season of lent. ktvu's alex savidge has more with this means to the catholics in the bay area. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. pope benedict xvi decided to step down, he said, because he just doesn't have the mental and physical strength to lead the catholic church at 85 years of age. parishioners here at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco, certainly caught offguard. many respect the decision. some believe he should have waited until after the easter holiday. the first pope to voluntarily resign in more than 700 years. pope benedict xvi made the stunning announcement this morning from the vatican. it came as a surprise even to his closest advisers. >> absolutely shocked. >> reporter: this was the reaction
whether to allow the full board to vote on the $31,000 grant toward the purchase of drones. >>> the city of oakland has suffered a legal blow in its effort to block the federal government from shutting down a medical marijuana dispensary. a federal judge has tossed out the city's lawsuit that said that closing down harborside health center would lead to a health and safety crisis. the lawsuit argued many dispensary patients would turn to the illegal marijuana market. oakland was the first city in the nation to take down a pot dispensaries. >>> what's happening today to the ill-faded carnival cruise ship triumph? one day after thousands of passengers trip finally came to an end. >>> ktvu's meteorologist rosemary orozco will talk about major and wet changes on the way. >>> and a wild chase through the streets of san francisco. how it all started. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, tide is $5.49 for 50 ounces.
cities millions of dollars in lawsuits. >>> and exclusive field poll just out this morning shows most california voters main favor more gun control over protecting the rights of gun owners. 61% of those polled say they find it more important to place greater controls. that's compared to 34% who say protecting the right to bear arms should be griffin a high or pry -- given a high priority. >>> thousands of a parolees, including convicted sex offenders are removing their gps monitors. there's little risk they will be sent back to prison because of overcrowding. the q los angeles times "reports that a number of parolees are choosing to cut off these devices because they are freed within days or hours of being arrested for violating parole. >> reporter: i'm here in hollywood. a lot of happy faces as they spread out the winners of the academy awards. we'll tell you all about it in just a few moments. >>> rosemary orozco will tell us if much-needed rain is on the way. >>> and an east bay couple of in peru has been missing for ant mo. how officials are helping in the search efforts. >>> open
.a. police chief mourned the victims. >> the city mourns the deaths of monica kwan, keith lawrence, and our brave riverside police officer. i also feel great sadness for the injuries suffered by my officer, the second riverside officer and the two uninvolved citizens. >> the police chief mentioned the two citizens. police say officers fired on a car in torrance who they mistook for the suspect. s those two people were taken to the hospital and will survive. they say one of the most troubling aspects of this aspect is he has been using assault rifles and is heavily armed. >> well, of course he knows what he is doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is -- it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> here in the bay area and all over the state the changeable message signs have been flashing his license plates and a blue alert for all law enforcement in the state will be in effect until this incident is resolved once again this suspect has threatened grave violence against law enforcement and anyone who stands in his way. polic
in the city's mission district. newschopper2 is over the area near 24th and bryant streets. that's where a construction crew hit a 2-inch plastic gas line just before 11:00 a.m. several homes and businesses in the area have been evacuated and some streets in the area have been blocked off as a precaution. again, these are live pictures from newschopper2. you can see some of the trucks down there and some crews standing by. it looks like some dirt where they've built a hole in the ground. now, muni has rerouted service on the 48th quintara. we just spoke to pg&e. a spokesperson says crews are having some difficulty fixing the line because it's in an area where many lines connect. however, the leak should be stopped within the next few minutes. no word on how many customers have had their gas service shutoff due to this incident. >>> in one month, the golden gate bridge will have all electronic tolls. new at noon, a campaign to get the drivers ready for this change is underway. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live from the toll plaza to explain what's happening. good afternoon, tara. >> repo
in san jose will soon be turned back on. in 2008, the city decided to shut off lights to save money they had to choose between continuing to work on signal repairs or darkening the streets. they included the big year budget report inn which includes street appearance an addresses safety concerns. >> it was scary at the bus stop with no lights there. >> most of the lights are had turned back on but most are in residential neighborhoods. >>> a crash killed a man suspected of stealing of end much visit. >> a high-speed chase, the 21- year-old driver of this stolen ford expedition was -- expedition was killed when it careened over the road. a truck pulled the suv out of this ravine. san jose police were trying to pursue the man who they say tried to rundown an officers. both first went down from this trash and when it came to rest, it was just on the other side of that trans. alex was awake studying when he heard the accident. he knew it was a dangerous incident when he heard officers move in right away. >> i heard the officer say put your hands over your head and i immediately ran insi
that kind of money. i don't have that kind of money. >> commuters going between daly city and the pal street station in san francisco would pay $75 a year more if the first proposed increase goes into effect. opponents say bart's $50 million surplus should be used before fare hikes take effect but others argue that money is already earmarked for maintenance and new train cars. >>> the metropolitan transportation commission this morning approved a proposal to put a $26 million security system on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. they were acting as the toll authority oversight committee. the system will be made up of a network of 17 a 5 video, infra- - 175 video, infrared cameras. the california highway patrol said it was needed in order to protect the bridge. >>> some dense fog over the bay bridge. also widespread overcast over the bay itself and across some of the inland valleys. right now things beginning to clear out. almost like a summertime weather pattern. temperatures are beginning to recover this wednesday afternoon. right now on the maps, i still can show you the clear skies o
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